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Welcome to the Interiors  showcase of S R Interiors & Civil Contractor

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Ms Rajani Birader

Interior designer

Founded in  2016, by Rajani Birader just after completing her education in interior designing, SR interiors is a company of  talented and experienced designers that work flawlessly together to make spaces that perfectly mirrors your vision. Their services go way beyond just designing to include architectural efficacy,, furnishings, flooring, lighting, fabrics as well & civil interior works such as plumbing, painting, waterproofing, electrical etc. Inspired by the clients' individual traits & functional needs, every project is handled by this team with utmost passion and dedication, transforming spaces in the most creative and magical way

Mr. Prasad Ganu  -
Shukrawar Peth, Pune.

The wood paneling at the entrance with the mirror across enhances the nature feel as soon as one enters the home. Once in, a beautiful medley of earth tones engulfs you and  gives a homely comfort feel.

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Mr. Deshmukh
-Kothrud, Pune.

Creating space when space is less, is an amazing skill. And that's what has been achieved here in this Kothrud home.

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Mr. Varun Rastogi 
-Kalewadi Pune.

A sprinkle of colours here and there against the muted earth colors renders a sophisticated feel to this living room. White gives the kitchen a bright and neat look

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