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Estilo Apartment Hinjawadi, Pune.

Mr. Shah and his brother just got what they asked for! A stylish and functional home, nestled in a highly developing area of IT Park in Pune, the 2200 sq. ft. apartment is a unique expression of lively homes. The design elements with subtle play of colors infuse the calm mood in the home, making this home close to our hearts. The main concern was the use of absolute colors and textures with minimal overlay in design. The overall space is designed with a meticulous play of materials and elements that transforms into a comfortable, functional yet stylish decor.

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Mr. Sanjay Patel, 3BHK

What we can see here is a three-bedroom home that occupies 1586 Built-Up Area of space located in the city of Pune, passionately designed to meet the specific needs of its owner

Mr. Sanjay Patel (associated with the textile business), wanted to keep it as simple and minimalist as possible with a touch of fabric work and embroidery culture to blend it with the city vibes.

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Mr. Ankit Dubey, 2BHK

This lovely 2BHK apartment has a prime location opposite Pune Airport and is home to an amazing elderly couple who’s young at heart. A monochromatic colour theme décor in the living room makes it elegant and spacious. The living room exhibits free-spiritedness through the use of wallpaper for the TV unit. The sofa in the living room is seamlessly accommodated within the paneled wall following the neutral colour palette.

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Mr.Amit Jain, Pent House

There is no limit to creativity or flair. We design and conceptualize space with the latest style to create a new quality of life. The modern homes of today are every bit in line with design trends and are also able to adeptly balance aesthetics and functionality.