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Welcome to the Projects showcase of Maha Construct


Mr. Nikhil Mahamuni

Interior designer

We are the one-stop solution for all your interior queries. Be it furniture, false ceiling, partitions, fabrication, all civil work, plumbing, electrical, or any special customization.

Design aspects we follow

1. Fresh and modern New, advanced materials and techniques are used to create a unique and modern design that will reflect your persona in your home.

2. Class While keeping the modern design approach, time-tested aesthetics of antiques and their class is neatly included in the design.

3. Ease of use. While designing spaces its user-friendliness is our prime motto. We design spaces in a user-friendly manner to the user's comfort.

4. Economic Who doesn't like the house of their dream to be pocket friendly? We make and fit designs to your economy and budget. No extra burden on your pocket.

Following are some interior solutions we provide.

1. All furniture, modular or customized.

2. Complete kitchen solution.

3. Walk-in Wardrobe.

4. Terrace gardens.

5. All civil works.

6. All electrical and plumbing works. 11. Fabrication work.

Our Project Gallery

At Mahaconstruct we have a team of specialists who have worked on corporate projects of various kinds, like office fit-outs, cafeterias, cafes, studio apartments, and radio FM studios,s, etc to name a few.

Contact- +91 99703 70877

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