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Welcome to the Projects showcase of D's Design Studio


Ms. Darshita Patani

Interior designer

Ar. Darshita Patani Shah commenced her college studies at the NDMVP College of Architecture in Pune University. Upon graduation in 2007, she joined a reputed architectural firm in Pune. She worked on several civil and industrial projects in that firm. After working as a senior architect for more than a decade, Darshita’s entrepreneurial spirit made her search for new skies and spread her wings. She decided to fly solo and started her own boutique architectural firm D’s Design Studio. D’s Designs works mainly with interior design projects.


Darshita excelled in art from a young age, repeatedly winning the annual award for the best painting by when she was a student. Darshita believes in her distinctive architectural style. She likes to develop her own style influenced by post-modern movements, but not limited by their ideologies. While she prefers to maintain the poetic sensibilities of the spaces, she also works closely with engineers and contractors on her projects.


Louis Kahn’s used to say, “Even a brick wants to be something'. This quote is firmly etched on Darshita’s mind. She works hard to give justice to the materials used in her projects. She tries to bring innovation in every project within available resources and spaces. She firmly believes that the distinguishing factor in any site lies in the value it adds to the user, its functionality, aesthetics and environmental impact.

Our Project Gallery

Be it a corporate or a professional's office or Cafés, Restaurants, Cosy Chat Centres… D’s Design Studio has completed many such projects in record time. The firm has recently secured a prestigious hotel project in Kerala, also, A celebrity bungalow project at Dehu, near Pune is currently underway. Below are some glimpses of  completed projects

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