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Ranjit Vishwakarma

Interior designer

A family business in modular kitchen designing and execution Design out of the box started in 1986  is now expanding and flourishing under the dynamic management of second-generation entrepreneur,  Mr. Ranjit Vishwakarma. 
The expertise and designing skills were passed on by his father and added to it his own academic knowledge combines to create exclusive kitchen designs. The workmanship and efficiency in delivery by
Design out of the box is truly commendable.

Mr. Amit Deshmukh 
-East Kohinoor Luxurious, Kalyan.

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Mr. Hemant Deshmukh 
-Yogidham, Kalyan (West).

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Mr. Pundalik Rathor
-Kalyan (East)

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Mr. Sachin
-Upper Lodha, Thane

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